River Rock Advisors is pleased to announce that Consultant Tyler Drellishak recently received a full scholarship to study quantum computing from The Coding School — a national 501(c)(3) dedicated to empowering the next generation through code.

The program is taught by QubitxQubit — the quantum initiative of The Coding School that empowers students with the knowledge and skills in quantum computing with the aim of ensuring innovation, prosperity, and social mobility for all. The program involves more than 20,000 students across the U.S. and 125 countries. Drellishak will be taking the 2023-2024 Introduction to Quantum Computing course.

“I’m very blessed to have been offered a scholarship to learn about quantum computing with QubitxQubit taught through The Coding School!” Drellishak said. “I can’t wait to learn about this new technology and how it can be used to build a better world for everyone.”

“We’re extremely proud of Tyler and his accomplishments,” said River Rock Advisors Partner Steve Keener. “Tyler came to us with an impressive background and has continued to deliver exceptional work for our firm. We’re excited to help him grow his knowledge and see what he can do with these skills.”

Drellishak joined River Rock Advisors after graduating from Cleveland State University with a M.S. in Mathematics specializing in predictive analytics. He previously worked with our firm as an intern, assisting us with a variety of analytical models supporting clients and intellectual property development.