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At River Rock Advisors, our ultimate goal is driving tangible results that deliver lasting impact. Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about working with us:

“RRA has always done right by me. I’ve now used them at three different companies to cover a number of operational issues, working closely with my team and giving me straight, honest feedback.”

– Calvin Quan, CEO


“I never saw the need or value of using outside advisors.  Working with RRA changed my opinion to ‘there are some outsiders that do get it and are focused on our results, not their own’.”

– Mark Sementilli, EVP Strategic Sourcing


“Through their data driven, consensus building approach, RRA moved Hussmann to gain cross functional alignment and affect change in ways that other consulting firms have not been successful.”

–Tim Figge, CEO & President

“Back in the 1990’s, I worked directly with one of the now RRA Partners on an operations improvement and system selection project.  Our time working closely together changed the trajectory of my career, from a mid-level customer service manager to a corporate and industry process improvement and functional expert and up the ranks within the firm.  That Partner, worked with me in a way that stressed our contribution, not his.”

– Jim Williams, Retired


Retail Refrigeration Engineering Company

Leveraging Cost to Serve dynamics across full Request for Quote To Cash Receipt process to optimize business performance

Working with the company’s executive leadership, River Rock Advisors was engaged to address SG&A costs and customer service in the client’s equipment Quote to Cash environment, which provided the driving force for an enterprise wide change program of process improvement, systems changes, cost to serve enhancement and improved cross functional alignment between sales, sales support services, engineering and manufacturing.

Pet Supplies Company

Balancing service level agreements (SLAs), dedicated inventory investment, and the total cost to serve for a specific customer segment or channel

Leveraging RRA’s methodology and tools, this pet products company was able to improve their value chain.  The overarching project approach was to: segment their customer base, determine appropriate SLA’s, and balance cost and inventory to meet those needs.

Flooring Manufacturer

Establishing new distribution strategies to improve customer service and profitability

River Rock Advisors was engaged to help reduce inventory investment and overall logistics costs, while sustaining or improving customer service.  Custom-developed analytical tools were used to evaluate new distribution and inventory strategies, with regards to their impact on customer service.

Industrial Products Manufacturer

Efficiently balancing performance across multiple manufacturing entities within a vertically integrated company

Utilizing RRA’s custom modeling capabilities, we analyzed the client’s total supply chain to provide the client with fact based insights on which production stage to best hold inventory to minimize overall costs and inventories, while holding or improving customer service levels.

Corporate Training

Increasing agility in times of dramatic change (digital disruption and new market service channels) by aligning supply chain strategy (sourcing / manufacturing / distribution) with move to digital content delivery  

RRA worked with this publisher and trainer to develop a multi-year strategy to minimize total delivered cost while remaining agile to changing market demands & delivery approaches, and enabling the acceleration of the move to digital delivery. Also included was systems assessment to sustain operational benefit and ease technology transition.

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Aligning corporate resources to meet dramatic demand improvements in highly promoted product lines 

Utilizing RRA’s custom modeling capabilities, RRA worked with this client to tier their retail customer base and stratify services and service levels in support of that tiering. This aligned the client’s resources with how customers wished to engage with the manufacturer and proactively assign appropriate resources (people, working capital, technology) to needed areas.


Ready to make performance optimization a reality for your business? We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to analyze and identify areas for value enhancement, and to guide decision-making on business and operational strategies.