3D-Ops Model℠

A Proven Framework for Strategy Execution

Although the situation varies company by company, the fundamentals of what is causing pain and where to drive improvements are common.

At River Rock Advisors, our 3D-Ops Model℠ provides a powerful and flexible framework to analyze operational issues, get to the root cause, and successfully transition to strategy execution to deliver results.

The 3D-Ops Model℠ identifies issues that cause service, cost, and capital to go out of balance — putting in place the stepping stones needed to achieve operational excellence.

Service | Cost

The Service | Cost dimension focuses on helping clients meet customer requirements while achieving financial goals of cost and profitability.

Service | Capital

Address clients needs to meet customer goals and objectives while managing capital and working capital investments, including facilities, equipment, inventory and other assets.

Cost | Capital

Managing the trade-off of working capital investments versus material and operating costs to best balance fixed and variable costs.

Service | Cost | Capital

Determine optimal balance of objectives to meet company’s objective of profitable revenue growth.

RRApid℠ Assessment

 The RRApid℠ Assessment provides clarity into multiple areas to enable a course of action. Learn more about our operations assessment.


River Rock Advisors partners with procurement professionals to provide operational readiness amid growing ESG and sustainability pressures.