March 2024 — Cleveland, Ohio — River Rock Advisors (RRA), a leading value chain management firm that partners with mid-market manufacturing and distribution organizations, is partnering with Startup Analytics to bring business intelligence capabilities to the supply chain market.

Startup Analytics is a Data Engineering and Data Intelligence firm that can provide data analysis environments either internally or externally to clients, and couples that with ETL (extract, transform, load) and data visualization capabilities.

“We have partnered with Startup Analytics very successfully on a few RRA client engagements,” said RRA Partner and Co-founder Steve Keener. “They extend our Value Chain subject matter knowledge, applied business analytics, and data visualizations, so it has made a strong case to formalize the partnership.”

Startup Analytics has a solid track record of quickly standing up an internal or external data environment (e.g., Microsoft Azure, AWS) for RRA’s analytic models to have reoccurring use client use and near real-time data visualizations.

“I created Startup Analytics, as a result of watching too many companies attempt to jump into  AI without a solid base of data and analytics,” said Startup Analytics founder Matt Rispoli. “Our theme for firms large and small is ‘BI (business intelligence) before AI (artificial intelligence).’ There is no reason that mid-market firms can’t take advantage of analytically based decisions and be ready to progress to AI.”