Service | Cost | Capital

Use Collaborative Demand Planning When History Falls Short

Either due to necessity or the real opportunity to drive a breakthrough strategy, it may be advantageous or necessary to holistically take on all three dimensions. The starting points may vary depending on where symptoms exist and where you can build on good practices.

An example is collaborative demand planning where historical demand proves not to be the best predictor of future demand. Often, different stakeholders have different perspectives. Collaborative Demand Planning & Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP) — greatly improves the quality of the forecast, which in turn improves downstream supply chain planning and decision-making.

We typically conduct the following analytics to get to the root cause issues that need to be addressed in the Service | Cost | Capital dimension:

  • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP)
  • Collaborative Demand Planning
  • End-to-End Integrated Planning
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Value Chain Assessment
  • Operational Performance Analysis
collaborative demand planning

Tackle Your Most Pressing Challenges — from Every Angle

Analyzing supply chain and inventory processes through the lens of our holistic Service | Cost | Capital dimension enables multiple aspects of your effort to be streamlined and improved. If you need greater insight into and oversight of existing practices, our 3D-Ops Model℠ framework and collaborative demand planning capabilities will help you identify a better path forward. Connect with us today to get started.