Service | Cost

Using Customer Segmentation and More to Maximize Value

The Service | Cost dimensions of the 3D-Ops Model℠ framework look at how best to optimize service delivery while protecting margins — both under pressure as customers demand more and inflation complicates margins.

A key example is the need to conduct customer segmentation that reflects the realities that different segments produce different values at different costs — giving you the opportunity to allocate resources to those customers that create the most value and avoid overinvestment in those producing marginal value.

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customer segmentation

Our solutions in the Service | Cost dimension include:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Voice of the customer
  • Cost-to-serve analysis
  • Service | Cost RRApid℠ Assessment

Identify Your Best Customers with the 3D-Ops Model℠

With our 3D-Ops Model℠ framework, River Rock Advisors can assist you in identifying your most pressing operational and supply chain challenges while implementing targeted strategies to resolve them as you maximize results. Contact us today to get started.