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operational strategies

River Rock Advisors serves the different business functions and roles working together to execute operational strategies.


  • Senses working capital, cost, and service are disconnected and creating avoidable risk
  • Has not yet seen the expected cost synergies from acquisitions


  • Sees rising expedited order costs and inventory working capital with no clear rationale for revenue misses


  • Unable to get a unified view of the business
  • Knows operational issues are frustrating customers and impacting financials


  • Needs better visibility and tools to reduce the cost of inventory
  • Needs to understand and address implications of reshoring and multi-vendor trade-offs (price, quality, reliability, lead-time, order quantities, exclusivity)
  • Will begin to layer in sustainability requirements to offset Scope 3 pressure from downstream customers


  • Seeks to make targeted improvements in ERP, SIOP data and reporting, and supply chain planning and scheduling tools
  • Tries to keep technology (AI, blockchain) on pace with customer expectations and competitor advancements

Supply Chain Management

  • Determines how best to synchronize end-to-end operations, orders, and inventory investment given constraints
  • Seeks to make key improvements: S&OP | SIOP | IBP process and control tower capability

Inventory Management

  • Under pressure to rationalize inventory (RM, WIP, FG) that protects customer service and minimizes inventory investment

General Counsel

  • Address relevant regulatory requirements without impacting marketplace competitiveness and operational effectiveness
  • Lead company efforts to respond to downstream customer’s sustainability inquiries and new terms and conditions

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Whether you’re a C-suite leader looking for enhanced insight into business performance or you need to refine current supply chain planning processes, our analytically supported operational strategies are tailored to your situation and your goals. Explore our capabilities here, and get in touch with us to start your journey to operational excellence.