Sustainability is a disruptive and unavoidable force. Although it is driven by concerns for the climate and often described in environmental and purpose-driven language, that misses — and obscures — the point for most companies.

Sustainability creates financial risks for companies, especially for companies that defer or fail to understand and model those risks. Risks that are modest today are expected to materially escalate over the next 18 to 24 months. Whether seen through the P&L, cost of money, or valuation, sustainability is already affecting (or will soon affect) financial results.

In a Book Industry Study Group (BISG) Lunch & Learn to be held January 9 at 12:00 pm ET, Victor Milligan, who is a founder and Partner at Cairnbridge Advisors, a consultancy helping businesses model and minimize the risk presented by sustainability, and Gary Jones, a founder and partner at River Rock Advisors, a value chain consultancy leveraging insights and analytics for business decisions, join forces to talk about how to understand and model risks. They will use this framework to identify different strategic options to address sustainability by:

  • Explaining how commercial pressures will flow into supply chains through Scope 3 terms
  • Explaining how to translate pressures into financial terms so you can better interpret and model risks
  • Discussing what strategic options exist to minimize risk

After that, they’ll open the conversation up to comments, questions, and potential next steps toward improved management of sustainability requirements.

Attending and Want a Question Answered?

Feel free to send it in advance to The Lunch & Learn will be highly interactive, so you’ll have a chance to contribute at the session even if you don’t send a question in advance.

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