Our team of expert advisors offers practical guidance to optimize performance and generate value for your organization. We’ll assess your current performance and identify opportunities for improvement to help your business make data-driven decisions and navigate change effectively.


  • Inadequate business performance

  • Significant business growth

  • Acquisitions or divestitures

  • Market disruption

  • Changing business strategies

We typically begin every engagement with a rapid analysis to identify “quick hit” opportunities, that will jump start progress and free up funds for the project.


We provide both project-based services and ongoing relationships to cost-effectively deliver and sustain results as your business grows and evolves.

  • Situational Investigations: Short duration, low cost projects designed to rebalance Service, Cost, or Capital to align with operational objectives.
  • Business Optimizations: Projects designed to address larger, more complex operational issues.
  • Program Value Management: Transformation program’s advisory, focused on melding people, process and technology to achieve and track business value, not just get software deliverable in place.
  • Prescriptive Recommendations: Value chain or supply chain risk management scenario planning and execution.
  • Business Process Support and Benefits Sustainment: Monitor and maintain operational parameters to sustain value results as your business evolves.
    • Inventory Strategies and Planning: We’ll help drive ERP and purchasing parameters, while you keep control of day-to-day transactions.
    • Logistics Performance Monitoring: Maximize value from a third party provider within the bounds of the contract.


River Rock Advisors relies upon deep industry-specific insights, analytics, and functional expertise to help businesses of all sizes to optimize performance and drive increased value. We work collaboratively with your organization to select and implement the best processes, strategies, and technologies to achieve your unique goals.

Our service area offerings include:

  • Value Chain Improvement Opportunity Assessment

  • Inventory Productivity Improvement

  • SIOP (Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning)

  • Demand & Supply Planning

  • PowerBI and Cognos Data Analysis and Dashboarding

  • Business Segmentation & Solution Differentiation

  • Supply Chain & Network Strategy

  • Transportation Strategy Analysis

  • Warehouse Operations Productivity Improvement

  • Value Chain Based Sourcing and Procurement

  • Value Chain Performance Metrics

  • Program Value Management

  • “Keep an Eye on it” Business Process Outsourcing


Ready to make performance optimization a reality for your business? We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to analyze and identify areas for value enhancement, and to guide decision-making on business and operational strategies.