The proposed demand, inventory, and supply model works well for large corporations. This model allows these larger institutions to forecast potential supply disruptions using data they have collected. Unfortunately, this data is difficult for smaller companies to collect and maintain, making it difficult for them to make these forecasts.

At the BISG Supply Chain Lunch & Learn, being held March 5th at 12:00 pm ET, Gary Jones of River Rock Advisers will give some insight as to how smaller companies can forecast without the need of some of this unattainable information. As a founder and partner of River Rock Advisers, Gary has extensive experience in leveraging insights and analytics to help with business decisions. He will use this knowledge and experience to propose practical and potentially more manageable solutions to help small businesses with their forecasting needs.

The first 20 minutes of the session will feature Gary giving his insight on these important issues and then the floor will open up for questions.

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